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 Slight Change to official rules (suggestion)

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PostSubject: Slight Change to official rules (suggestion)   Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:22 pm

Rule Set
Search And Destroy Only /5v5/ 5v5/4v4 tournaments
Round Limit- 2.5
Bomb plant- 5
Bomb Defuse- 7.5
Bomb Timer- 45
Round Switch- Every round
Round Total- 12
Health- Normal << Changed
Friendly Fire- Disabled in scrims/Enabled in tournaments
Perks- Enabled << Changed
Perk1- Bandolier

Perk2- Stopping Power

Perk3- Personal Choice Between Deep Impact or Steady Aim.

KillCam- Enabled in scrims etc/ Disabled in Games/tournaments
As for "cooking" nades, it is frowned upon and more than definitely considered a nooby, poor thing to do so if you play console mod because you enjoy it cooking nades is strongly declined, also if a player/team is found constantly cooking nades and proof of this is shown, this will reflect on chances of them qualifying for tournaments etc.
Players may only be in one team at a time, no double rosters.

Each team must consist of 2 smg's, 2 assualt's and 1 Scope, the shotgun can replace either an assault or smg but there must always be 1 scope within the team.

Map Set
Same Maps no change here

Weapon set
Still the same

It's called Prosim for Simulation of promod right? Well this change would better simulate you could say.
Because the mod is normal life not half health.
Because the hipfire crosshairs have been made smaller so this is where steady aim would come into play to simulate the mod.
The MP5 Sniping Fix ever hear of that? It's a fix in promod coding to prevent this that video the health was at normal, if your playing at half health its alot easier. Putting it to normal wouldnt fix the probelm but would help by making it a little harder to pull off atleast.
The ak74u's damage has also been reduced at longer ranges more so then the normal stock cod4 in Promod. So Using a 74u that is more powerful then the version in Promod is not simulating it but of course you cant mod the xbox version. So what to do? turn the life up to normal because thats all you can do to make it weaker and plus getting kill across map with smg classes which happens alot in prosim sucks, cause the guns arnt modded plus its half life getting kills from far away with smg is alot harder to on promod.
The perks are fair and if someone does not have bandolier unlocked yet they can just use bomb squad until. Steady aim allows for more who fancy no scopes and Deep impact allows for better penetration through walls which im sure you all know and all this means is more wallbang footage for your prosim montages right?

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Slight Change to official rules (suggestion)
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